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About Zymöl

The Zymöl handcrafted automotive enhancement system contains natural washing, cleaning, and feeding products; all paste waxes are handcrafted from a carriage maker's formula developed in the late 1800s. Though the original formula was based on animal products, it has been updated through research and engineering as an entirely plant-based product today. Zymöl uses nutritive oils to replace the oils originally found in your car's finish without the use of stringent chemicals or abrasives.

Official Certification

What makes Zymöl superior?

Zymöl is free of harsh petrochemical solvents, making it safe to apply on all paint finishes. It has an extremely high carnauba content (32% to 70% by volume) with Brazilian No. 1 yellow, the highest available grade, and white carnauba. This gives both greater protection and increased depth of shine as compared with other products, which typically contain only 4% to 16% carnauba by volume.

Zymöl is an enzyme mixture until it is actually applied to the car. Only at the point when oxygen acts as the catalyst does it become wax and start bonding to the car's surface. Easy to apply and remove, the wax will not leave any white residue along seams, in cracks, or on black plastic trim.

What about the Zymöl container?

The Zymöl container is a 21st-century application of the canning jar made from pharmaceutical-grade recyclable polystyrene. The high-strength cap was designed to provide adequate air capture while closing. This allows a layer of wax to begin the self-vacuuming process. The neoprene O-ring enables the release of enzyme gases during self-vacuuming, which prevents entry of outside air due to increased external pressure. The size, shape, and weight of the base were designed for ease of handling, convenient storage, and maximum protection of ingredients. Rust is impossible.

How does Zymöl achieve its depth?

Some of the shine comes from pre-cleaning (HD-Cleanse) the paint to remove all of the dirt, road grime, and oxidized paint. This lets the natural gloss of the paint show through. The balance of the shine comes from the Brazilian No.1 yellow carnauba, which becomes a transparent layer on top of the paint when blended with other organic materials. This wax layer can be buffed with a clean wipe towel to a brilliant shine. Waxing a surface that has not been properly cleaned will only result in a shiny wax layer over dull, dirty paint and not the deep, smooth, crystalline finish Zymöl is capable of obtaining.

Why HD-Cleanse?

Normal washing does not eliminate airborne contaminants that settle on the paint surface, nor will washing remove dull, oxidized paint. HD-Cleanse leaves the paint surface so clean it squeaks and provides a fresh surface Zymöl wax can bond to easily. In addition to increasing the depth of shine, proper pre-wax cleaning assures uniformity of the wax shine. Wax applied over oily road grime looks duller than wax applied over clean paint.

- Acid Rain Residue
- Road Grime
- Old Wax
- Oil Residue
- Bug Tar
- Bird Droppings
- Silicone Treatments
- Oxidized Paint
- Catalytic Converter Emissions (Hydrochloric & Sulfuric Acids)

Why is HD-Cleanse better than other pre-wax cleaners?

Most competitive products incorporate abrasives to scrub the surface clean. HD-Cleanse uses Montan oil (a natural solvent that will not penetrate clean paint), apricot kernel oil, and lemon seed oil spun to a very thin consistency. As you apply HD-Cleanse, the oils penetrate and break down everything on the surface of the paint, encapsulating grime, impurities, and dead paint spots that are wiped off without scratching the top paint layer. It uncovers a lower level of paint with life and luster without any solvents, abrasives, or caustic materials.

Carbon or Crème Wax?

Containing 33% Brazilian No.1 yellow carnauba, crème wax is for light-colored cars. Carbon is for dark-colored cars. It contains a slightly higher percentage of Carnauba (37% vs. 33%) and is cooked longer with yarrow, a herb that makes carnauba less hygroscopic (moisture-absorbing), so it can be applied in higher humidity without clouding or hazing. A touch of avocado oil (1 cup to 110 gallons) provides an added measure of protection against sunlight exposure and abrasion.

What is Japon designed for?

Japon wax is basically the Zymöl Carbon formula with an extra drying agent to promote almost immediate setup of a thin layer of wax. It is designed for all Japanese manufactured cars from late 1987 that use tri, quad, and fluorine coat paints (Lexus, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Acura). These paint layers are quite thin and especially susceptible to swirl marks and hairline scratches.

What is the advantage of Zymöl Concours™ over other Zymöl waxes?

Concours™ produce a deeper shine because it contains Brazilian No.1 white carnauba in addition to No.1 yellow carnauba. White carnauba is highly transparent and made from the sap of very young palmetto plants. Concours™ also offers added protection because of the increased concentration of carnauba (47%). This greater concentration offers better protection against airborne contaminants and reduces paint oxidation by diffusing more UV and infrared radiation.